Contemplative Reading

Contemplative reading is reading in a way that opens one’s heart to the working of the Spirit.  When reading a blog post, listen for a word or a phrase or an idea that resonates in you.  It may be something that catches your attention, arouses your curiosity, speaks to your condition, or is confusing, irritating, or troubling.

Spend time reflecting and thinking about that idea.  You may find yourself simply holding the idea in your heart and mind and carrying it through the day or longer, letting it teach you.

After a time the reflecting seems to come to an end.  Listen then for a desire, a wondering, or a need, and make that a prayer, or simply open to a connection with the divine.  And then rest in God.  It is often in the resting time that fresh insights arise or a being-changed happens.

This is a practice.  Every time will not seem useful, but the practice teaches you inwardly.  When an insight does come, you will be there and prepared.  This practice, also known as lectio divina, is also useful for reading scripture or other spiritual writing.

Inward reflection centered in God teaches you about yourself and about God and enables you to be more compassionately with others.

Read, reflect, pray, and rest.


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